Friday, April 14, 2017

S1 Lifer Helmet - About -

S1 Lifer Manifesto - Full Length - Open Captions from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.

In summary, soft foam helmets are no bueno in the case of a real slam (which is when you need a helmet the most) We stopped making /marketing / selling foam helmets because we thought it was the ethical thing to do. I had someone ask me "why do you sell helmets that don't pass any helmet safety standards?" And I was like yeah good question. There really isn't an ethical answer. ... uh Because people still buy them? Didnt sound right . We will leave that to the business folks . We want to do what is best for the skate community and the future of skaters. When our team riders, friends and customers are wearing S1 Lifer Helmets we know they are wearing the best helmets on the market.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Why is the S1 Lifer Helmet the #1 Choice for Roller derby Players?

All About the S1 Lifer Helmet from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.

In 2010 we took soft foam helmets from every brand including S1 into the testing lab and discovered every single one
of them failed current helmet safety standards.
This is a soft foam helmet. It has a hard plastic outer shell and soft foam inserts. The problem with soft foam helmets is that impact energy travels directly through these helmets and rattles the brain. Soft foam helmets do not pass high impact or multiple impact certification tests.

After learning this information we set out to make a better, safer helmet - what we created was the S1 Lifer Helmet.

The Lifer Helmet fits low on the head like a soft foam helmet but instead of soft foam inserts we created an inner shell of impact dispersing foam called FuS1on Foam. Fusion Foam is our patented blend of impact foam that is soft enough to reduce impact energy in low force multiple impacts and dense enough to reduce energy in high impacts. We make Fusion foam by blending low, medium and high density beads together to make our impact reducing inner foam mold. The inner foam mold is what does all the impact dispertion in the S1 Lifer Helmet and it is protected by ABS outer plastic shell. FuS1on foam dispersed energy more effectively than soft foam. We batch test every production run of helmets to ensure the quality and consistency of every S1 Lifer Helmet made.

Lab tests show that the S1 Lifer Helmet is 5x more protective than soft foam skate helmets. The S1 Lifer passes the Multiple Impact (ASTM) and the High Impact (CPSC) certification tests. The S1 Lifer Helmet is a helmet we can 100 % recommend to team riders, family and friends. Get a Lifer - Be a Lifer.  

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Stef Mainey talks about her S1 Knee Pads

"I really like my S1 Knee Pads... they don't slip... they are super hard wearing ... and everything is is a bit of a cliche but they are like falling on pillows ... previously with other  knee pads I have had to get gaskets underneath to keep them in place but the S1 knee pads hold their place without knee gaskets and are super comfortable." - Stef Mainey / London Roller Girls  

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Stef Mainey / S1 Pro Knee Pads from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

S1 Lifer Visor Helmet / Lorrae Evans

S1 Lifer Visor Helmet / Lorrae Evans from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.
"I wear the S1 Lifer Visor Helmet and I love it. I feel really protected when I wear it." 
- Lorrae Evans

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Scald Eagle / S1 Pro Knee Pads

"I have been wearing the S1 Pro Knee Pads for about a year now and they are my favorite knee pads I have worn thus far." - Scald Eagle

Buy a pair of S1 Pro Knee Pads or ask your local shop.

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