Friday, March 30, 2012

Question of the Day: Helmet Sizing Liners

Question: I have an S-One Lifer Helmet and it fits me perfectly on the sides but I feel like there is a little room in the front and back... I skate (roller derby)  for hours on end and I want my helmet to fit perfectly.

Answer: . We see this occasionally (totally normal) and in fact Asher Bradshaw had the same problem. Here is the breakdown.

Asher Bradshaw puts thicker liners in the front and back of his
helmet. And thinner liners on the side.

Asher uses a Small Liner up front and a Medium Liner in the back and
uses thinner liners on the sides.
We used scissors to cut the liners to customize it.

Helmet Sizing Liners
Small (Red)
Medium (Yellow)
Large (Black)
X-Large (Green)
2X-Large (Blue)
3X-Large (Purple)
Don't worry about using a thinner Sizing Liner because the Sizing Liners
aren't there to absorb impact. They are there to help the helmet fit your head and to provide comfort.

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