Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A List Of The Least Protective Helmets For Roller Derby

List Of The Least Protective Skate Helmets 
Here is a list of the helmets that are not CPSC or ASTM certified. These helmets only offer mInimal protection and will not protect your head as well as a CPSC Certified helmet in the case of a significant impact. These helmets  are often described as a multiple impact helmet but that is just a marketing term. They should be described as "minimal Impact" helmets because they cannot pass the CPSC or ASTM impact tests.  A true multiple impact helmet is ASTM certified. And none of these helmets are ASTM certified. 

State Laws prohibit the sale of these helmets in the following states because they do not meet the CPSC helmet safety standards for skateboarding, cycling or roller skating:  California, Oregon, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, North Carolina.

You will notice that all these helmets are constructed with what the companies call EVA2 StageSure-Fit , Sweatliner  or Brock Foam.
The following helmets are not CPSC or ASTM F1492 Certified and are not recommended for roller derby.

The Worst Helmets (least protective) For Roller Derby:  (not in any particular order) (none of these helmets can pass CPSC or ASTM impact tests)

1) Triple 8 Brainsaver (EVA foam w/ Sweatliner)
2) Protec Bucky Helmet (w/ 2 stage foam)
3) Protec Classic (w/ 2 stage foam)
4) Protec Ace Helmet (2 stage foam)  
5) 187 Helmet (w/ Sure-Fit Foam liner)

Triple 8 Brainsaver Helmet w/ SweatSaver Liner
Many people like the soft terry liner but since this helmet will not pass the CPSC test it is not recommended for Roller Derby.  This helmet  will not pass the ASTM certified either. It is marketed as a "multiple impact" helmet but it does not pass the ASTM multiple impact test. This helmet should be described as a "minimal impact" helmet.

A Safer Alternative From Triple 8: Brainsaver With EPS

Pro-Tec Bucky Helmet:  This is one of the least protective skate helmets. You can see that the helmet does not have any shock absorbing EPS foam. This helmet DOES NOT pass the CPSC test or ASTM test.

A Safer Alternative From Pro-Tec: Protec B2 with EPS or SXP

Protec Classic w/ 2 Stage Foam (eva):

This helmet has the soft 2 stage foam inserts. This helmet will not pass the CPSC test
or the ASTM test.

A Safer Alternative From Pro-Tec: Protec Classic with EPS

The 187 Helmet does not have any EPS foam and does not pass the CPSC helmet test or ASTM test.  The 187 Sure-Fit Foam only offers minimal protection and will not protect you as well as CPSC Certifed helmet.

A Safer Alternative From 187: 187 doesn't make a CPSC or ASTM certified helmet.
What is the CPSC and ASTM Test?

CPSC Test:
Drop Height (m):  2.06
Impact Velocity (m/s): 6.21
Impact Energy (J): Average 98

The CPSC Helmet Test in Layman's Terms:
The CPSC Test simulates a 6 ft slam and/or a 14 mph impact.

ASTM 1492-08 Test:
Drop Height (m):  1.12
Impact Velocity (m/s): 4.66
Impact Energy (J): Average 52

The ASTM Helmet Test In Layman's Terms:
The ASTM F1492 Test simulates a 3 ft slam and/or a 7 mph impact.

click here to watch a video that will get you stoked to wear the S-ONE LIFER HELMET!

Multiple Impact Helmet Test from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.

S1 Lifer Manifesto - Full Length - Open Captions from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.

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