Friday, November 2, 2012

Roller Derby Helmets | Overview

S-One Roller Derby Helmets

CPSC Certified:
S-One Kid Helmet
a great helmet for skaters between the ages of 6 - 12. But it also
fits adult women with smaller heads super well. (ASTM/ CPSC Certified)

S-One Lifer Helmet
the Lifer is well known for fitting nice and low on the dome. It 
has the look and feel of a "non-certified" helmet but it is fully 
certified to protect your dome.  (ASTM / CPSC Certified)

S-One Big Head Helmet
a cpsc certified helmet for skaters with larger and rounder domes.
(ASTM/ CPSC Certified)

S-One Premium Helmet

S-One Cromag Helmet

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