Wednesday, January 2, 2013

S-One Roller Derby Helmets | Helmet Overview | Spring 2013

S-One Helmets | Product Guide | Spring 2013

CPSC Certified
S-One Kid Helmet fits head sizes 18.5" - 20.5"
S-One Lifer* Helmet fits head sizes 21" - 23.5"
S-One Big Head Helmet fits head sizes 23" - 24.25"

S-One Premium Helmet fits head sizes 20" - 24"
S-One Cromag Helmet fits head sizes 24" - 25.5"

If you have any questions about helmet sizing
or colors etc please feel free to email
or call 310.464.8179

S-One Helmet Co.
Trusted By The Pros

*S-One highly recommends that all skaters
regardless of age or skill... pro or beginner... wear a CPSC Certified helmet.
A CPSC Certified helmet will protect your head up to 5x more than a 
non-certified helmet.

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