Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roller Derby Participants Should Be Wearing A CPSC Certified Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet for Roller Derby and researching helmets please read this:

There are alot of people wearing the soft foam (non-certified) helmets and these helmets will not protect you in the case of a decent slam. Every soft foam helmet from every major brand fails both the ASTM and the CPSC test. The soft foam helmets do not pass impact tests. In the case of a solid slam the impact energy goes right through the soft foam and rattles the brain. Alot of the vert skaters, BMX riders and Roller Derby participants were getting knocked out or worse in the soft foam (non-certified) helmets. This graph above attempts to explain why.

The lesson of the day is this 1) Wear a helmet that is CPSC Certified. Make sure your current helmet has a CPSC Certified sticker on the inside.

S-One makes one of the best fitting CPSC Certified helmets on the market. The S-One Lifer Helmet. The S-One Lifer Helmet passes both the ASTM test and the CPSC test. (aka: Dual Certified) The S-One Lifer Helmet protects the head against multiple low impacts and a single high impact.

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