Friday, April 11, 2014

When Should I Replace My S1 Lifer Helmet

We get calls or emails from time to time from skaters asking if they need to replace their helmet after a slam.
 Rule #1 is look for visible signs of wear or damage. If you have 1,2 or 3 - Replace your helmet!
1) Stress fractures in the foam.  If you see splintering fracture lines in the foam the helmet has been compromised.
 2) Compression zones.  If you can see where you the helmet hit and if there is a noticeable soft area that you can feel with when pressing your fingers into it.
 3) Cracks in the foam. If the foam has literally cracked straight through and is separating from the plastic outer shell the helmet will not absorb impact in that area and should be replaced.
Rule #2 is how ask how hard did you hit?
S1 Lifer Helmets are tested to protect against:
3 multiple low impacts in the same spot (10 mph impacts from to the same spot) (4 ft drop)
1 high impact to the same spot (14 mph impact) (6.5 ft drop)
4 high impacts in different spots (14 mph impact). (6.5 ft drop)
If your slam is equal to a 14 mph impact (which is a 6.5 foot drop height ) your helmet has been compromised in that area of impact.
Rule #3 - WHEN IN DOUBT! THROW IT OUT. If you head hit hard and you have a feeling that it might need to be replaced - get a new one. It is your BRAIN you are protecting. Your hard drive. The only hard drive you will ever have.  

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