Monday, December 29, 2014

Estro wears the S1 Lifer Helmet (S1 x Moxi Video)

Estro Jen wears the S1 Lifer Helmet.

Last holiday season, roller skater Michelle Steilen blew up the internet with filmer Vern Laird and skateboard company Bones Bearings. Their skate video went viral and was positively received, for the most part. 

In response to angry emails from parents whose daughters were fearlessly taking to the skateparks without any protective gear, Steilen hit up S1 Helmet Company to start a new project. 
"I don't always wear a helmet. I don't want to carry stuff. I don't like carrying a purse. I don't like baggage. Attachments. I justify not wearing it because it keeps me from doing dangerous things. Ironic, I know, but the only time I 'gear up' is when I'm trying something new. Usually I'm not trying when I skate, i know my capabilities. I'm doing it. Having fun, doing what I know," said Steilen.
Despite her personal opinion on the issue, as a business owner and frontman of the Moxi Roller Skates' brand, Steilen confronted the issue anyway. 
"Bottomline, Moxi aims to inspire women to revitalize roller skating. The activity is inherently dangerous and not everyone may notice that.  As a younger sister of a person with a traumatic brain injury, I know first hand how an accident can affect a person and their family. I chose S1 Helmets because they diligently research and educate us about their product, and it works," said Steilen.
The piece is just under 6 minutes long with 3 minutes of bonus footage included. It was made by filmer Robert Crawford and S1 helmets owner, Dan McCashin. 
Crawford follows Steilen around Southern California as she takes the sponsored members of the Moxi Skate Team to secret spots, backyard swimming pools and local skate parks. 
The video is a glimpse of what weekend life is like for the Moxi Skate Team in Long Beach as they cruise from place to place in their leopard print, ice cream truck. 
The video is packed with clips of the girls crashing, bleeding slamming and even breaking nails. Toward the end of the video, Steilen does a few back flips, making her the first woman to land a backflip on roller skates. 
The video was launched just after Christmas Day and can be found by following
For the official press release, see 

written by:  Wheels Will Land

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