Monday, August 3, 2015

Helmet with the highest safety ratings

S1 Lifer Helmet is Certified Multiple Impact (ASTM) and Certified High Impact (CPSC)

Multiple Impact Helmet Test from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.

Is your helmet really a "Multiple Impact" Helmet?
Alot of helmets are marketed as "multiple impact". We took a Soft Foam Helmet (EVA foamed wrapped with Terry Cloth), a Hockey Helmet (with triple density eva foam) and an S1 Lifer Helmet (EPS Fusion Foam) and put them to the Multiple Impact test.
What are parameters of the Multiple Impact Test (ASTM F 1492) ?
The helmet is dropped to achieve an impact velocity of 4.57 meters per second. This is equivalent to a 10 MPH impact or a 4 ft. drop height. The same helmet is tested 3x in the same location. The helmet must reduce the peak acceleration of the impact to under 300 G's.
Why 300 G's?
The brain does not like G's. Anything over 300 G's is very bad for the brain and will cause a severe concussion and/or Traumatic Brain Injury or even death. A helmet's job is to reduce the amount of G's that hit the brain.
What were the results of the Multiple Impact Test?
Soft Foam Helmet (w/ EVA Foam wrapped with Terry Sweat Liner)- FAIL
Hockey Helmet (w/ Triple Denisty EVA Foam - FAIL
S1 Lifer Helmet (w/EPS Fusion Foam) - PASS
Soft Foam helmets are not multiple impact helmets. They should be called "minimal impact helmets". Hockey Helmets with Triple Density EVA foam are not multiple impact helmets. The S1 Lifer Helmet is a true multiple impact helmet.
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