Monday, November 28, 2016

Best Knee Pads for Roller Derby: S1 Pro Knee Pads

S1® Pro Knee Pads

Spec Guideline
S1 Pro Knee Pads hit the market January 2016 after a 3 year design and development process.  S1 HQ is very close to the ACDG practice facility so we were able to use ACDG players as wear testers for the S1 Pro Knee pad. We tested different designs and materials to see how they wore and functioned.

The Design Vision
We wanted to focus on three main areas with the S1 Pro Knee Pad.
- Stability
- Durability
- Functionality

Stability is very important in a knee pad to prevent injury by promoting controlled slides.  We put Ortholite Memory foam into our inner knee cup which upon impact molds to your knee stabilizing the knee cap.  By stabilizing the knee cap we are able to promote stability, prevent slippage of the knee pad and stop your knee cap from moving around in the knee cup.  Instability in a knee pad puts unnecessary stress on your knee ligaments and leg muscles to stabilize your knee in a slide.  The combination of our flat PC cap with the Ortholite inner foam cup allows for stable, controlled slides that will prevent your knees from teetering back and forth. 

We created the S1 Pro Knee pad to last by using highly durable fabrics.  We used Military grade ballistic nylon for the outer shell material.  We use high density foam for the inner knee cup which is a superior shock absorber and with its higher density it will not pack out as fast as less dense foams. We triple stitched every seam to prevent blow outs. We use a high quality, high abrasion plastic for the knee cap for a longer cap life. Our back butterfly flaps are made with a very tough neoprene that will not stretch and rip with repeated use. Our top straps are made with a high retention elastic that will not stretch out as quickly as other elastic materials. 

We created our inner knee cup mold to be streamlined and deep fitting. .  By taking out the bulk on the side of the knee cup you will experience a streamlined look and feel to the S1 Pro knee pad.  By using high density foam on our inner knee cup we are able to achieve the shock absorption of a thicker foam with a less bulky front profile.  The articulating back flaps move separately to promote a secure fit, less slippage and increased mobility without pinching.  The S1 Pro Knee pad also has a length adjustment system to allow you to lengthen or shorten the top strap length to the desired length as the straps stretches out over time.  The knee cap is affixed with a very high quality Velcro that will not allow the cap to be torn off in game play but can be removed and replaced if needed.
Notable Players wearing the S1 Pro Knee Pads
Satan’s Little Helper – ACDG
Loren Mutch – Rose
Scald Eagle – Rose
Rachel Rotten – ACDG
Darby Dagger – ACDG
Stef Mainey – London
Lorrae Evens – Victorian
Miracle Whips – Montreal
Lady Trample – VRDL
Tui Lyon – ACDG
Ghetto Fabulous – ACDG
Laci Knight – ACDG
Trauma – Texas
Bloody Mary – Texas
Jaana Nuku – VRDL
Taranchula – Rose
Katie Black – London
Die Die – London
Grace Giles – VRDL
Andracula – London
Kat Von - Jax
Smithereens –Jax
Erin Go Brawl – Jax
Biceptual –VRDL

Ivey K’Nivey - VRDL
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